Are we no longer using .Paramas.Description?

I was checking out another theme and noticed that they used .Site.Author.Bio for something and then compared it to what I was using.

If this was changed, was there an announcement? Should I change it or plan for both fields being populated?

My guess is that’s a parameter the original theme used (outside of and that it’s not relevant in the context. Or, the theme developer may let the user change the value in the settings.

You can see the official, default config.json file over at GitHub.

So to answer your questions, no and no. :blush:

I’m ok with remembering things wrong. This is a user error (I’m the theme developer for this).

I was using .Site.Params.description somewhere else in my theme and then .Params.decription in the header. So, I was seeing the result I wanted on the page but not in the actual code. I missed it in testing.

Sorry for taking your time and thank you for your patience.

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