Are non-ascii chars allowed in categories

I’ve had categories that for example was called “hälsa”, I wanted to capitalize it and it removed the ‘ä’. Isn’t non-ascii chars allowed in categories?

I should be clearer: after importing a lot of posts I had one category (as an example) that was called “hälsa” with a URL that included “hälsa”. To make things more uniform I wanted to change this into “Hälsa”, using the web site I tried to make this change but ended up with “Hlsa” with a URL that also used “hlsa”. Does this mean that doesn’t allow non-ascii chars in category names or is it the web client that doesn’t handle non-ascii names?

Yeah, unfortunately, currently strips away all non-alphanumerical characters. @manton has hinted about a potential fix for this in the past.

Yes, this has been a limitation for a while. It keeps dropping off the priority list but I’ll see if I can get it finished this week.

Did you get the chance to do this? (it doesn’t work for me so I assume you didn’t get the time to do it)