Are cross-posting choices exposed to themes?

I was tweaking around my theme again and started to wonder… is it possible to access cross-posting choices for individual posts from theme files?

Would be neat to be able to show where some particular post was cross-posted to in the post template (and perhaps on posts listings as well).

I exported theme and markdown files from my site, but didn’t see cross-post related things in post files. :smile:


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That’s a good idea. It would be great if you could also modify that information to link to the associated profile on the other network; for example, “Also posted on: Mastodon and BlueSky.”

I’ve been meaning to add this. Early on we weren’t storing enough information to do this, but we are now. I’ll add something to the page front matter so it is available for themes to use.


Would this be something like mastodon_post_id or mastodon_url?

Thank you @manton, that would be perfect! :blush::pray:

Just checking, @manton this feat didn’t get in yet I think? At least I didn’t yet saw “cross-posted to” etc. things on frontmatter when exporting my latest theme files.

No rush, just curious if this was something that’s coming available at some point :blush:


Not yet, I’ll see if I can get that wrapped up this week. Thanks for the reminder.

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No hurry, but that would be awesome! :blush: