Archive page options

I have enabled the Archive page on my blog for the first time, but want it to not be available in the navigation - but there is no option for that.

Any suggestions on how I achieve hiding it? Or do I need to edit my theme for that?

It seems like it would be a useful checkbox, akin to the ‘normal’ pages that can be created?

This should help: Hide things with CSS - How to customise Micro.Blog

Example: a quick way to do it is to use your stylesheet to hide that item: .cta { display: none; }.

For you, the .cta will be different.

Thanks, but this will not work for the navigation items, as they all have the same CSS class, and I only want to hide the Archive. Unless I am being dim - my CSS knowledge is aging and only ever exists on a need-to-know basis.

Ah, fair enough. Someone with more knowledge of how these things work may be able to suggest something. I agree it would be best if it had a checkbox like pages we create ourselves.

Here’s one solution:

nav a[href="/archive/"] {
  display: none;

Perfect, thanks @sod! Every day’s a school day!