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I am trying to figure out if there is a way to show all the posts in a specific category as a title links list rather than just all the full posts. Like if I click on a category tag within my full post, it takes me to a list of related posts (with the same tag). Hope this makes sense.

I thought there was a plugin for that, maybe I am making this up? Or that’s something that needs to be modified within the theme’s template?

The /categories/category_name pages use the template in layouts/_default/term.html. If you don’t want full posts but a list, you can edit that template.

I see. hm I am not sure how deep into the woods I am willing to go.

Thank you!

Same. I’m waiting on a theme to come out or for someone to make a plugin that does that because I’m not sure I wanna go that deep with it either.

I don’t have a term.html page. How do I find out which template my category pages use?

It’ll fall back on default/_layouts/list.html I believe. But I would make a term page.

This provides the look up order: Template lookup order | Hugo

Categories will fall under taxonomy pages. The order it will look (until it finds one) is as follows:

  1. layouts/categories/category.terms.html.html
  2. layouts/categories/terms.html.html
  3. layouts/categories/taxonomy.html.html
  4. layouts/categories/list.html.html
  5. layouts/categories/category.terms.html
  6. layouts/categories/terms.html
  7. layouts/categories/taxonomy.html
  8. layouts/categories/list.html
  9. layouts/category/category.terms.html.html
  10. layouts/category/terms.html.html
  11. layouts/category/taxonomy.html.html
  12. layouts/category/list.html.html
  13. layouts/category/category.terms.html
  14. layouts/category/terms.html
  15. layouts/category/taxonomy.html
  16. layouts/category/list.html
  17. layouts/taxonomy/category.terms.html.html
  18. layouts/taxonomy/terms.html.html
  19. layouts/taxonomy/taxonomy.html.html
  20. layouts/taxonomy/list.html.html
  21. layouts/taxonomy/category.terms.html
  22. layouts/taxonomy/terms.html
  23. layouts/taxonomy/taxonomy.html
  24. layouts/taxonomy/list.html
  25. layouts/_default/category.terms.html.html
  26. layouts/_default/terms.html.html
  27. layouts/_default/taxonomy.html.html
  28. layouts/_default/list.html.html
  29. layouts/_default/category.terms.html
  30. layouts/_default/terms.html
  31. layouts/_default/taxonomy.html
  32. layouts/_default/list.html
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