Archive and Photos layouts

I changed how the Archive and Photos pages work a few days ago, which had some side effects with certain themes which I’ve now fixed. I just want to document how works in case it’s useful for other plug-in developers.

The pages “Archive” and “Photos” are special in and treated differently than other pages. These used to use Hugo output formats (and still do for the JSON versions). Now creates a file that includes this in the frontmatter (among other things):

title: Archive
layout: list.archivehtml
type: archive


title: Photos
layout: list.photoshtml
type: photos

Hugo will look in layouts/_default/list.archivehtml.html and layouts/_default/list.photoshtml.html. The weird naming is leftover for compatibility with the old way used to work. When processing themes and plug-ins, will copy these templates into _default if needed.

If you have your blog set to show replies, those use a type of “reply”, and the default template for the Replies page is stored in section/replies.html.