Apple Podcasts Connect Issue

I am having an issue where I am unable to publish to Podcasts Connect. The profile photo I use for MB is not up to snuff somehow with Apple. I’ve followed the guidelines: 3000 x 3000 pixels, 72 DPI and RBG color. I tried taking it down to the minimum of 1400x1400. Somehow it is not translating over to Apple and I am unable to publish. Suggestions appreciated.

Also, I am unclear as to what Apple means when it says “hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests.” Thanks!

I checked your podcast feed and it looks like the image is a JPEG file, which had probably resized. I see in your screenshot it’s a PNG so not sure what happened… What did you use to upload it? Can you try uploading the original PNG again?

The podcast image does need to be a PNG file, so as soon as it’s set as a PNG everything should work and Podcast Connect should be happy.

Thank you for your reply on what is probably a trivial matter. The 3k x 3k .png image was reloaded into MB profile. I waited a few hours and tried again with Connect. No joy and I’m still baffled, especially when I’ve done what I thought was asked.

Now that it’s uploaded, can you go to Design and click the “Show…” button at the top near the podcast settings, then click on the image next to “Podcast cover art” and select the new PNG file? I checked your podcast and it’s still using the older JPEG.

Let us know if that doesn’t fix it. Sorry about the complexity of this.

@manton That did it. The Foxcast is now published with iTunes. Thank you for the support!