Android: App crashes while trying to view own "Posts"

Currently, I manage to crash the Android app while trying to view my own posts on How:

  • Launch app.
  • Tap on my avatar top-left.
  • Tap on “Posts” in the appearing menu.
  • Will end up with a screen that first displays my blog name and then is emptied, showing only “Posts” in the title bar, and a back-arrow.
  • Using the back-arrow to go back.
  • Tap my avatar again.
  • Tap “Posts” again.

At this point, the app will reproducibly/reliably be force-closed. Is this just me?
Thanks in advance,

Sorry, it’s not just you, we’ve heard a few reports of that this week that I’m investigating.

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I actually emailed help about this earlier. Same on my iPhone and iPad apps. Does not display the posts at all, and then crashes the app.