Anatole theme question


I am playing around with the Anatole Theme, and I am curious if there is a “somewhat easy” way to customize whether the sidebar will take exactly half of the “screen” or if it can be, again, customized so it takes less screen space. Savvy?

Thank you!

I like the Anatole Theme, as well, but I wish I could add more links like Flickr or YouTube. It would be nice to have additional options. Any help would be great, thanks!

Since this is not an official MB-hosted theme, may have better luck directly asking @amit. That said, this is a very complex theme with extensive use of scss, so I think it might be pretty tricky. It does appear (best I can tell) to just be using flex box to setup the columns, but I think you’d have to fork and customize the scss not just add some custom blips to override.

@Gaby Interesting. I think there should be a way. And if there is, should be able to make it customization too. Let me spend some time, though – I will see how simple it is.

Thank you, @amit

Also, in regards to the “on this day”, it is working but it’s shows “invalid dates”

@Gaby Oh. I didn’t test this with “on this day” as I don’t have it set up on my test blog. I have pushed a fix for this issue. Can you try and let me know if it works?

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I haven’t received many requests for Youtube or Flickr yet. Interesting. Let me see what I can do.

Thanks you in advance! Maybe you could consider a general link field or two, so a user would simply input any type of URL to anything they desired instead of specific website or service. Just an idea… either way thank you for a great theme!

I am interested in adding “on this day” to this theme myself on website. Could you please let me know how you did it. I don’t see any plug-in availability on Where would I find it and how would I install it. Thanks for help!

For “On this day” , it’s kind of like an easy hack.


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Awesome, thanks! I just got it set up but like you, I am getting an “Invalid Date” error so hopefully, @amit will be able to fix it for us :wink:

I am still getting “invalid date”, @amit :slight_smile:

@gabz Oops. That’s curious. Only thing this can mean is the format displayed is not considered valid by Micro Memories? Would you be able to try a change? It will save me a fix/upgrade cycle :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you check with Jonathan if you are pointing to the right Javascript? I recall him changing something due to a version change for Python.

What can I do? :slight_smile:

Great! Just go to Design → Edit Custom Themes → Anatole. Open layouts/_default/single.html. Replace {{ time.Format "Mon, Jan 2, 2006" .Date }} with {{ time.Format ":date_medium" .Date }} on line number 23. Then click Update Template.

I have shared the whole file with this change here. Let me know once you do this.

This worked! it shows the proper dates. One behavior I noticed, this goes for main posts outside of “On this Day as well”. If the post does not have a title, but you click on “Read More” it doesn’t show the post, just the date, and tags (if any).

Sigh! How did I mess this up? I have fixed it and released another upgrade. Wish you didn’t have to go through this. I do not like how complicated this theme’s single page is.

Seems like everything is working nicely now, thank you so much, @amit :+1:t4:

Oh, feature request, or, are there any plans to add the “buy my coffee” icon/link, like on Paper?