Adjusting filters

@manton is it possible to tweak the way filters work especially now that we can import posts via an external feed? I have a category ‘Macro Posts’ where I use a filter to categorize all long posts with a title. But now, importing my Letterboxd watch history gets tagged as a ‘macro post’ because the movie name is in the title hence the post has a title.

Can you add another condition to exclude long posts that contain certain other words, emojis, etc? For e.g. categorize posts all long posts with a title EXCEPT ones that contain “______” word/emoji

+1. would love to be able to filter content from a feed directly to a specific category.

Yes. I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get my feeds automatically going into a specific category on my I think maybe this is impossible at the moment? I thought that would be a straightforward thing, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something. The feed items don’t have any consistent keywords that I can use in the current filter settings.

I totally forgot that I created this thread :sweat_smile: I blogged about it yesterday and @manton replied to that post saying, it’s on his radar.