Additions to Gateway Theme

It would be helpful if @manton could add link fields in the Gateway theme for Bluesky, Pixelfed, Threads and Nostr since these are all cross-posting options in MB. Many of us have accounts on these services, more so than Medium, Tumbler and X these days.

I made a PR request. I actually was pretty sloppy about it and should clean it up. I have no idea how Nostr works to get a URL theme. Pixelfed doesn’t have a separate font awesome icon so I reused Mastodon.

Thanks @jsonbecker! I’ve merged the change in and it’s available now as an update under Plug-ins. I just tested the Bluesky and Threads fields and it all looks good.

Thanks to both of you. I was scared the update had removed all my links for a moment but it appears it’s all back now.

Ok, there actually is an issue. I can see all my data when I edit the theme. I can save it and see the progress on the publish bar. However when I load the page in a browser (I checked Safari and Edge) all I see is what is in the screenshot.

If you click on the Settings button for the plug-in, are the fields filled in or blank? I think you do need to add your usernames again after updating. (There are some issues with how plug-in settings are stored that I need to work on.)

If I click on the settings button, the resulting screen shows the fields as filled in.

Seeing this error on the Design page

@manton - I checked on this just now and the current status is that the blog returns a “not found” message for - the URL that worked before the upgrade to the Gateway theme.

Sorry, there was a typo in the new theme that I didn’t catch for Mastodon usernames. I’ve updated it and your site is fixed, but you’ll need to fill in the settings one more time. Sorry about that!


@manton Would it be possible to add a couple more spaces for blogs. I have more than one and I’d like to be able to add them to this page. Thanks!