Adding external blogs via RSS feed

I know this is a feature but have never got it to work. @Denny’s reply - “Go to the search field in discover tab, and type in the domain of a blog that you’re interested in following and it will appear in your timeline if you choose to follow” - prompted me to try again.

I tried searching (on the web) for as well as but got nothing. What am I missing?

Just, remove the https://

The reason, I think, is that we are to think of the domain as a user rather than as a website address

Exactly. thinks about as basically a special type of username. The nice thing about this is that for blogs that support it (many IndieWeb sites), you can actually @-mention a blog and it will send them a notification. Eventually this will be more widely supported and we will really have something.

Ah! Makes sense but hope that’s clarified on the Search page.

Tried it and it found the blog but it doesn’t seem to pull any posts

@manton I think it’s unintuitive for the vast majority of people to just enter a domain when searching instead of simply copy-pasting the whole address. If can automatically strip the entered address to just the domain when searching, that’d be cool.

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