Add Fathom Analytics tracking

Hi! How does one add the script for Fathom Analytics ( to a I saw the Plausible Analytics has a plugin. Does this mean that analytics can only be added via a plugin. I’m not a developer :frowning:

Thank you!

The easiest way is by customizing your theme. You can add the Fathom analytics tracking by copying and pasting the code they give you into the file that’s probably located at layouts/header.html.

I could add a plug in pretty easily, but I don’t use Fathom so I couldn’t test it.

Thanks for the reply Jason!

I’m hesitant to dive into custom themes. I’ve added Fathom’s code via ‘Edit Footer’. Will give it a day to see if it works, else will report back here :slight_smile:

The “Edit Footer” should work for Fathom or most other “just paste some JavaScript in” type of solutions. Custom themes are good if you need more control over exactly where the JavaScript goes, but I think for analytics the footer should be good.

I’ve been having problems with Plugin for SimpleAnalytics too: Plug-ins - #7 by warner
Didn’t think of using Footer!

Could it work for Simple Analytics @manton
Here’s there instructions : How to add our script | Simple Analytics Docs ?

It’s worked!

I’ve genuinely been waiting like a year for this