ActivityPub/Mastodon not updating today

I posted four posts on my blog this morning:

But they are not showing up on Mastodon

Is something broken? I fiddled with my blog configuration this weekend—did I break something? The ActivityPub settings on my account seem unchanged and correct.

I checked Manton on Mastodon—his blog seems to be updating correctly.

So I guess the problem is not

Please help?

Update: One of my posts, the most recent one, successfully propagated to be viewable from Mastodon, but not the earlier ones I did today.

Another update: This seems to possibly only be a problem with scheduled posts rather than all posts.

I did three posts today. Two, which were scheduled, did not show up in ActivityPub. One, which was posted live, did show up in ActivityPub.

If I don’t get a response on this in a day or so I’ll submit to

I’ve made several posts today, mine are all cross-posting to Mastodon normally, so maybe it’s the scheduled aspect?

Cross-posting works fine—it’s ActivityPub that’s the problem.

This does, indeed, seem to only be a problem with scheduled posts. If I click “Post,” to publish a new post immediately, then the ActivityPub visibility works fine.

I just got hit with a big project at work (yay!) so I don’t know when I’ll be able to put in a bug report to on this.