ActivityPub/Mastodon account and multiple blogs

Am I correct in thinking that, while I can have multiple blogs per account, each account can have only one “Mastodon-compatable Username”?

If so, are post from all blogs published to mastodon as toots? Or is there a way to configure/filter this?

Yes, you’re correct, one “Mastodon-compatible username” per account.

People following you from Mastodon or other ActivityPub-compatible software will see the post from your timeline: You control what appears on there by adding and removing feeds on the Edit Feeds and Cross-posting page.

As long as there’s a web feed (like RSS or JSON Feed), it can go on the timeline. Posts from all of your blogs, none of them, some specific categories from a couple of your blogs, someone else’s blog, or updates from a YouTube channel. Anything goes. :blush: