Accidental Reply Guy

I keep deleting this post that appears in my feed that looks like it came from my WordPress blog.

Here’s it’s URL:

It also shows up as a reply to Manton Reece: Manton Reece - Big improvements to ActivityPub on

I didn’t really write my original post as a reply to Manton, but as a reply to a Buisiness Insider article (first link on the page). I do link to Manton’s blog post in a section about ActivityPub support. Could it be showing up as a reply simply because of Webmention?

The only other weird thing I can think of with this post is that I used WordPress’ schedule to publish later tool, which I don’t normally do in the post editor.

I keep trying to delete it because it shows up as a pretty long and unrelated comment to Manton’s announcement from a year ago. My digital identity encompasses many dimensions, but I try to avoid being the Weird Reply Guy.