Accessibility ready themes

I wanted to create a list of accessibility ready themes because there is no designation in any of the themes descriptions pages if the developers made them WCAG compliant or not, so I hand tested a few of them. The link is below, but let me know if I missed your theme and would be happy to add it!


Thanks for putting this list together, Robert. A useful resource!

Anytime! I plan on updating the list as I test more and more themes. I aim to make the list evergreen.

Labarum is on the list!!!

Best news of the day!

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My hope is that you continue to improve upon the really great accessibility work. I do have a question about the theme though. Does it have a lot of indie web components like webmentions and micro formats?

Using on the main page.

Running it on a post

I’d point to an open graph tester but I’ve got to drive.

Further tooting of my own horn.

Link: IndieWebify.Me - a guide to getting you on the IndieWeb

The microformats are there and handles the connections for webmentions. I m currently working on styling the different plugins that are also offered on