About Hugo versions

Restating my question about planned updates to the underlying version of Hugo. Finally bumped into the scenario I predicted (wasting a bunch of time because the entirety of the Hugo documentation is not actually reliable as to including the version at which point functionality is supported). I was trying to Hugofy my navigation by going back to the creation of menu items. Took a while to stumble upon the reason I couldn’t get menu entry parameters working.

So I guess the official question would be, are there any plans?

I’ve just seen an option to choose to upgrade added to ‘Design’:

Wondering if that’s why got this error

from attempted use of @amit 's Hugo shortcuts for his Stats plugin:

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You are using the wrong name for the shortcode. It should be {{< poststats/postcount >}} for posts and {{< poststats/wordcount >}} for words. I have fixed the documentations. Hope this helps!

Regarding Hugo 0.91, Stats plugin doesn’t yet support the version. I will release an update once I modify a couple of function calls.

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BTW Thank you for giving us the ability to use Hugo 0.91 :heart:

works thanks: Draft Previews (do not share) -

Does anyone know if there’s a Hugo shortcut for dynamically pulling the current url, in particular the part after the slash, i.e. X in wa.rner.me/X
I wanna use it for dynamic link to the equivalent page on SimpleAnalytics.com/wa.rner.me/X

Finally @cesco : what are the specific benefits of upgrading from Hugo 0.59 or whatever it is?