A design tweak suggestion

Consider this change as shown in the screenshot.

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The Replies can definitely be moved up. Perhaps under Posts coz that’s where you can edit your posts, and Replies are similar. Design and Plug-in belong where you recommend.

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Let’s see @manton

Thanks y’all. Yeah, I’m not totally happy with the grouping right now. Replies and Bookshelves are separate because they exist sort of outside any individual blog, but I know that’s a technical distinction that maybe only I care about. :slightly_smiling_face:

A related change we’re going to be making is splitting Design into two sections. There are some blog settings in Design that don’t really belong there.


I think of replies as a content type (in my mind, MB has content/page1.md content/posts/post1.md content/replies/reply1.md) and bookshelves as data (content/bookshelves.json).

from an IT perspective, yes, but from an end-users perspective, I’m afraid people do have more functionnal view.