503 Service Unavailable

I am experiencing outage of my micro.blog with a 503 Service Unavailable. May I know how to fix it?

It’s an outage, or maintenance of the server. Nothing a user can do but report it to the server administrator.

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Hey Mikie,

Looks like Micro.blog is experiencing issues at the moment. There is nothing you can do on your end.

They do have a Status page: https://status.micro.blog.

It’s been off and on the last few hours.

As far as I can see, hosted websites are not affected (although you won’t be able to add new blog posts to your site — if managed by Micro.blog).

— Vincent

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I’m still not totally sure what caused this, but everything has been running smoothly today. I’ll be keeping an eye on everything, and as @vincent mentioned status.micro.blog should pick up any outages.

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