403 forbidden

I’m getting a 403 forbidden on microblog.scottwillsey.com after setting an A record for it to point to

nslookup indicates that it is associated with the correct IP address for a micro.blog hosted blog (it’s not hitting my server for that subdomain).

Anything else I have do to enable this?

I have my domain set up under “Design”:


I tried just now, and my DNS resolver returned the old IP:

~$ dig microblog.scottwillsey.com +short

Changing to another DNS resolver returned the new one, though. So I think you just have to wait for the change to propagate worldwide. :blush: Or, if you’re impatient, use another DNS resolver on your machine, like (Google).

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Interestingly, it was my local machine from which I did the nslookup the first time. However, doing the same nslookup on the same machine just now did return my old IP address.

I guess I’ll wait… :joy: Normally (lately) DNS propagation has been really fast for me, but not this time.

It’s definitely the propagation…

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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