3 RSS feeds?

I am new to micro.blog and testing it out: https://anditravel.micro.blog

I checked with my Newsreader and there are 3 RSS feeds that are all different and I am confused.

Feed.xml (where last book post is missing)
Feed.json (where the Arroz Negro post is missing)
and Podcast.xml Feed, which is empty.

Why is this and how can I configure my blog correctly with one complete feed?

I am using Minos theme with a plugin for supporting dark mode.

Thx :slight_smile:


Welcome to Micro.blog! I just checked your blog and both feed.xml and feed.json have the same posts. It’s possible it hadn’t quite finished updating when you checked it. We include both formats since some apps may prefer JSON Feed, but we also want to include RSS for the most compatibility.

The podcast.xml feed will include any audio posts when subscribed to Micro.blog Premium. We should probably exclude that feed for people who don’t need it. I can look into that.

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Thanks for the super quick reply. Perfect.