2 Blogs 1 Account - Posts to Timelime


I just purchased a 2nd blog via my MB account @terrygrier -
The blog is setup looks great - working on setting up the domain etc.

But when I post via the new account - it is not showing up on my timeline - on the MB feed.
Not a huge deal - I guess - but I thought that is how this would work?

Your timeline is powered by one or more web feeds (RSS/Atom/JSON). You can see the list of feeds here: https://micro.blog/account/feeds. The new blog’s feed is probably absent, but you can add in manually from that page.

Thanks for the help
Here is what my feeds are currently - No posting on my 2nd account. Thoughts?



Ok … I found the issue but I am not sure how to fix it.
What syntax is correct.

Error: not found

You should use this URL instead:


And @manton might want to look into what went wrong here.

That worked.
You are the man SOD.

Thanks @sod! This is a new bug caused by something new we’re working on… Whoops! I’ll fix this in the future so that it uses the correct feed URL.

1 more quick Q - around getting this setup.
I am trying to add a domain.
I use hover
They have a MB helping tool where I enter my YOUR MICRO.BLOG USERNAME - and it works.
It worked for my 1st blog.
I am not sure what to put in for the 2nd blog?
Should I bypass this and just work with the DNS etc.