Writing longer posts

Don’t let the name fool you. While Micro.blog is focused on short posts because we think it encourages people to write more often, you can just as easily publish long-form essays or posts with multiple paragraphs.

When you type over 280 characters on the web or in the official iOS and macOS apps, Micro.blog will automatically reveal a title field. Add a title if you wish, or leave it blank — it’s up to you. If you add a title, it will appear on the timeline, linked to your post when you publish it.

In the macOS app, while you are composing a post, you can also choose View → Title Field from the menu to reveal the title field. (This is also helpful if you want to give a title to a post that is shorter than 280 characters.)

Even if your post is long, you are not required to have a title on Micro.blog. In the timeline, the post will be truncated to approximately 280 characters, and will have a link to the complete post on your blog.

Here is where I give you a bit more detail regarding what I meant by cards not long ago (although it occurs to me my longer posts are unlikely to ever pass the curation standard, this would be helpful for anyone writing longer posts as we have been trained to skip anything lacking a pretty picture).

Much more helpful than the first some-odd characters (or a title) followed by a link would be scraping of open graph metadata. It is super easy to generate the title, image, and summary data to include in the head of the long (or titled) post. This gives the author a chance to tailor something they think may stop a scroll or two.

(Well, I tried scrolling back to my examples in the timeline but I guess that is capped so I will recreate textually)

Micro.blog timeline:

On Dragons moondeer.blog

So long Twitter, and thanks for all the fish moondeer.blog

 iMessages:


I mean … which of the bunch are you least likely to check out?

Side note: this dynamic is why I am constantly disconnecting my feed from the timeline. Ironically, it is all the Mastodon traffic I pick up that keeps me reconnecting it.

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Just to follow up. I have been basically re-posting my truncated greatest hits for them to be cross-posted to Tumblr. Some of these are being picked up by the Micro.blog timeline. This was kinda my point. All the data for the appealing truncation is already there the first time.

The formula that has been working for me is to take the first image, followed by the title, followed by the summary, followed by the “read more” link.