Videos supports hosting videos on your blog and showing videos in the timeline. You can upload videos with the $10/month hosting plan, which also includes audio hosting and a podcast feed.

Click here for more details about video hosting or to upgrade your blog.

When you post a video from the iOS or macOS apps — or our companion iOS app for photos, Sunlit — adds the following HTML to your post. If you host a blog somewhere else outside of, you can adopt similar markup to be compatible with’s timeline.

<video controls="controls" playsinline="playsinline" src="" poster="" preload="none" width="400" height="400" alt=""></video>

The timeline in does not support auto-playing videos. If you’re rolling your own HTML markup, make sure to include controls and playsinline.

Third-party apps can upload videos just as they would upload photos. First upload the video to the Micropub API’s media endpoint, then include the URL to that new video in the video parameter along with your text when publishing the post. will automatically add the HTML tag and also create the poster frame PNG for you. uploads can be up to 45 MB. Videos can usually be up to 1-2 minutes when uploading from the apps, which scale down your videos if necessary. To upload your own edited video without modifying it, use the Posts → Uploads section of on the web.

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