Using MarsEdit

If you have a paid microblog on, you can use apps like MarsEdit that support the MetaWeblog API. This is a protocol from the early days of blogging that uses XML-RPC to communicate with a server.

Remember that there are no passwords on To sign in with an app like MarsEdit, use your username and an “app token” for the password. Your account comes with a default token for MarsEdit, but you can generate a new one whenever you want. Click on Account to view or manage your app tokens.

Start in MarsEdit by creating a new weblog. When prompted for the URL, enter This is where your published microblog lives, so MarsEdit will need to look there to automatically discover the XML-RPC endpoint.

If you need to manually configure a blogging client, choose the MetaWeblog API and point it to This usually won’t be necessary if the client has already discovered the proper settings.

Posting from MarsEdit supports microblog posts (leave the title blank), full posts with a title, and uploading photos. Limited HTML is also allowed and won’t be escaped.

Because uses Markdown, we recommend keeping MarsEdit in “Plain Text Mode” instead of “Rich Text”. You can switch this under the Post menu in MarsEdit.