Set home page to only display posts from 1 catagory

Hello micro.bloggers! Im trying to set up my home page on my blog to only show 1 category.

The reason being I would like to post more on but I would rather not have everything show up on my website. Since it’s technically a business page I probably don’t want all of my random ramblings on there :laughing:. I could set up a mastodon account for this I suppose but dunno…would rather have everything here!

So I figured if I set up a category, in this case called “Show-on-Website” I can manually pick the posts I want to show up there.

Is there a good way to set your homepage just show posts from a single category with the custom designs? Ive not done much web coding out side of simple HTML/CSS so a little bit baffled by how Hugo works :laughing:.

Any help appreciated, cheers!

( in question)