Reply on Mastodon plugin?

Hi everybody. First of all, thank you all for this plug-in. I noticed an issue, though: I’m trying to use a FontAwesome icon in the Reply on Mastodon button, and the code does not work. Here’s how it looks. The rest of the buttons show the icons properly, but this one does not. Is it fixable? Thanks in advance.

Hello. I’d want the “Reply on Mastodon” button to direct to my ActivityPub user ( I do have a separate Mastodon account ( where I cross-post my blog’s publications, and that’s the account where the Plug-in points to. But I want to stop cross-posting to a separate account and I’d like people to comment through my ActivityPub user. Did I explain myself? Please forgive my English.

Is there some setting or template I can tweak for that? Thanks (Never mind the previous question about the FontAwesome icon, I can live without that :sweat_smile:)

If you could at least find the blog post using the url on mastodon like on wordpress would be good