Reducing image sizes?

I’ve noticed that when I create a post from my phone and attach an image, uploads that image and serves it in all it’s MEGABYTES of glory.

If the blog feed has a number of posts with images included, that pages can be 10s of megabytes in size (example here)

For example, on this post the attached image is a monstrous 1800 x 1350 pixels and 1.7MB in size.

Does offer (or intend to offer) a way of reducing these file sizes?

I get I can edit the photos before I upload them, but that’s not really viable on a phone, plus it kinda (for me at least) goes against the mantra of being able to post quickly and easily from mobile. If I do the same thing on my Mastodon account, the resulting image is still large, but it’s a third of the size.


That used to catch me out too. If using the web interface to make a new post, after choosing the photo from Photos app note the item at centre bottom of the screen before uploading. Tap on the size and you can choose a smaller version: Small, Medium, Large, Actual with size in KB or MB beside each.

This post may help with how we can get autoresized images. Customize `img` rendering using Markdown Render Hooks - #12 by manton

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Oh, I think I’ll implement the workaround from @sod thanks, this really helps!

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