Posts onto Pages

I feel like this is a “Duh” answer, but how the heck do I post a post onto a page?

I have multiple posts, each are tagged with the appropriate (single) page:

However, when I go to my site it:

  • Lands on a list of all my posts in order (another question)
  • When I click on a page (with the header area) it’s blank

My site if you want to see those:

Either I don’t know what these magical checkboxes are for, or something else is up.

John Marc

Hey John,

Yeah - those checkboxes are ‘categories’, and so the pages will show up at /categories/name, so this as an example.

  • For linking in the menu, just add the URL to the page you’ve created and it will point to the respective page. Here’s the full guide to categories.

  • For your bio, I’d suggest creating a page called bio with the text you’ve used in the post, so that it’s available in the header but doesn’t show in the post list (and obviously deleting the post itself).

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