Not showing a category on main feed

So I want to possibly hide Micro posts from my main feed. I made a category for them and wondered if there was a way to not show posts from a certain category on the main feed. Then I will just have a separate page for those posts. I thought I saw something about this before but could not find it.

Tim ‘Man of many questions’

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You would need to edit your RSS template to exclude/include posts based on category.

RSS template? Would that be the list.html file? Is there a reference I can be pointed to that would give me a clue on how to create such exceptions.? uses Hugo-- all the customizations you’re discussing in various threads require and understanding of Hugo and its templates and very little knowledge. Here are the Hugo docs.

In this case, your RSS template is probably not included in your theme, but you can customize it when you click to customize your theme by scrolling down to the default templates, which are included if you do not override them from There, layouts/_default/rss.xml is what builds your RSS feed.

When you say “feed” do you mean;

  • your RSS/JSON feed;
  • your feed (;
  • a feed of posts on a page of your blog;
  • or some other feed?

The main page of my blog when you first arrive… in my case at

In that case, you need to look at index.html and not the RSS feed. There’s probably somewhere that says {{ if .Title }}. Instead of that just wrapping whether there’s a title, just put the {{ else }} after all the post content and then write {{ end }} with nothing between the else and end so that posts without a title don’t show up.

Additionally, there’s a document that might help: Custom home page

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So I attempted this and it didn’t seem to change anything on the site. This is what the colder looks like and where I put the else .

You put the else after the part that says “print the title” instead of after the part that says “here’s a summary of the content”. The else should be all the way down right before the . Although I’d move if before the li as well so that everything from <li> to </li> is wrapped in if .Title