ℹ️ Manual cross-posting

Micro.blog can automatically copy your blog posts to other services. This is configured under Account → Edit Sources & Cross-posting. When you post to your blog, Micro.blog cross-posts it for you.

Micro.blog also provides a manual cross-posting feature. This can be started for a blog post by clicking the “Cross-post…” button on the Posts page. Here you have a chance to edit the post before it is sent to the other service.

For manual cross-posting, the following services are supported. Each works a little differently:

  • Threads: This opens a new post in Threads on the web or in the Threads mobile app. You need to be signed into Threads.
  • Mastodon: This option is only shown if you already have your Mastodon server configured in Account → Edit Sources & Cross-posting, even if automatic cross-posting is disabled.
  • Tumblr: This opens a new post in Tumblr.
  • Bluesky: This prompts to finish the post within Micro.blog, and then Micro.blog sends it and any photos to Bluesky.
  • Twitter X: This opens a new tweet in X on the web.

One of the main differences with manual cross-posting is more limited support for sending photos to another service. Micro.blog will instead include a link to the first photo in your post.

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