Is there a way to post without it going to the timeline?

There are some posts I’d like to create on my blog that is more for reference and SEO, but I don’t need them to be posted to the timeline. Is it possible to skip the timeline?

What shows up on the timeline is determined by the feeds you’ve set up on the Accounts → Feeds page. You probably have or similar there right now. That feed contains all your posts.

Your actually comes with a bunch of feeds. For example, there are separate feeds for photos and each category on your blog.

So one solution is to set up and use categories on your blog and only add the feeds for categories you would like to include. Or just create one category, Include on timeline, and assign that to all posts you want to include on the timeline.

If you’re comfortable with web development, you could also create your own RSS feed via a custom theme or plug-in.

Thanks for the answer! I think I understand now, at least how it’s done technically.

What are you using to write your posts? @sod’s answer is perfect but I’m just curious about what you are using.

Another option is creating pages instead of posts. Pages won’t appear in feeds (and thus not on the timeline).

So far, I’ve only migrated over some content from my other blog.

My main notes app is UpNote because it’s cross-platform. But I think I will use Ulysses for anything I post online, including, Medium, or Ghost. The seamless publishing in Ulysses is hard to beat.

Yup! It sure is. Can you specify a category to publish it to?

Yes, you can choose one or more categories when publishing.
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