Indiepaper is a new service for saving the text of articles you find on the web and want to read later. It’s in the spirit of Instapaper or Pocket, but built on IndieWeb technologies.

Support for Indiepaper in should be considered experimental. We think this has a lot of potential, but we’d like to hear from the community on how best to integrate “read later” features into the full platform.

To use Indiepaper, go to the IndieAuth section on to sign in with You’ll be asked to allow access to your account. A paid subscription to a blog is required to use Indiepaper.

Follow the instructions on the Indiepaper site to use the bookmarklet, iOS workflow, or macOS app to save articles to your reading queue. then makes these saved articles available in a special feed. To read the saved articles, subscribe to this feed in a feed reader that supports JSON Feed like Feedbin or Evergreen.

You can find your unique feed URL by going to Account → Edit Feeds in your web browser on