How to add a subtitle to Ink Theme

Can you share your sleuthing?

From the way the template is set up, you need to have a parameter by the name “subtitle” in your theme.toml file.

I had previously used the Tufte theme, which prior to @pimoore adding settings to the plugin, required going into the config.json to enter my subtitle. So although I could not find any other mention of subtitle in the Ink theme, I did see it in the theme preview on GitHub, and so I decided to add a subtitle to the end of the config.json file….and it worked.

Thank you for this. Interestingly, as I explained to to @pratik in this thread, I added a subtitle to the config.json file based on my experience with the Tufte theme and the subtitle did appear. Should I change the positioning of the subtitle to theme.toml or leave it as it is?

My Ink theme doesn’t have a config.json but it has a plugin.json (coz it’s a plugin theme). I added it in the latter and it didn’t show up.

I added it to the theme.toml file as subtitle="Test subtitle" Or should it be description="Test Subtitle" but didn’t show up that way either.

Adding it in config.json is the best way to go. Seems like something we could add in Settings for the plug-in.

That would be wonderful if you could.

I think that I found the config.json right down at the bottom of Templates for Blank, below Custom Templates, although now I see there is a config.json in my Custom Templates as well. Maybe because I updated the one in Templates for Blank?

This is really a hit and miss thing for me, while trying to learn along the way!

I’ve updated Ink to add a Settings button.

Wonderful. Thank you @manton.

@manton has just updated the Ink theme plugin to include a setting for subtitle.

Awesome! Just saw it. I had already added it via editing the config.json file. But now I see no way to edit the theme files. @sod’s plugin settings are not built-in to Ink and no way for me add them to the layouts/post/single.htmlpage :sob:

Haha, I feel sorry for you. Bad timing. :blush: There’s hope, though! You have to add a custom theme first. After that, you should be able to edit the template like before.

I’m trying to get @manton to build in support like @pimoore did for his two themes. I bet he’s busy but hopefully soon.

Check out this thread.

  • Create a custom theme
  • Set it as your site theme
  • All of the Ink Theme template files will be in there
  • Edit to your heart’s content

I could make the relevant changes and send a pull request, if @manton thinks that’s a good idea.

But I guess it raises philosophical questions as well. For example, if one “first party” theme gets support, should every theme? And if every theme comes with built-in support for my plug-ins, should they come with support for all plug-ins?

Soon @manton will spend his entire days just adding support for plug-ins. :smiley:

I think Manton has converted the initial 8-10 themes as plugins as he had ported them from Hugo. I definitely don’t expect him to port over more themes and instead let the community do it.

It’s an interesting philosophical question. Regular users may choose a theme based on the plugins it supports; not everyone will want to create a custom theme to make changes. I like your plugins enough to hope that most themes support them. Else I might be tempted to choose a theme which does support it.

Hmm…I did this and added the code. But it’s not showing up. Did you uninstall the plugin theme afterward or does it pick up the customized template even if it is activated?

Update: It did show up now but still want to know about whether to keep the plugin theme installed or uninstall it once you create a custom theme.

My understanding is to keep the plugin theme installed, in the same way that pre-plugins I would keep a given theme selected even if I had created an edited version of that theme. That is certainly what I am doing and all is working fine…and after 24hours of hiccups, I’m sticking with what is working! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is correct! :blush:

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