Help categories housekeeping

Just a quick heads-up that we are reshuffling a couple things here to make it easier to find documentation:

  • Official help documents will go into a new category Documentation.
  • Official help documents will also get the :information_source: emoji added to their title.

There are over a hundred help articles so this will take a little while to work through.

With the help documents in their own category, this is also an opportunity for us to rethink the discussion categories. They werenโ€™t a perfect fit before because they were trying to hold both discussions and help. Now I think we can make the categories better fit what topics people want to post about.

These all sound like good changes :+1:

Are you looking for suggestions in this thread?

Sure! Suggestions welcome.

Sounds great! :+1: Linking to my category suggestions from a little bit ago: New Help Center Categories?