Gzip/Brotli on micro.blog?

Does micro.blog support gzip?

Caddy, the web server Micro.blog uses to serve customer blogs, supports encoding responses with gzip compression. But it’s not enabled. Maybe @manton can tell us why? :blush:

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Honestly no reason! :slightly_smiling_face: We should enable gzip compression.


Thank you @manton !

@manton would be great to try it out.

Would it be possible to turn this on?

Any update on this? And seconly, please enable bronti as well as gzip.

Sorry, no update yet. Thanks for the reminder. I have another config change planned so hopefully we can get this enabled at the same time.

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Any update on rolling this out? This was something else I noticed when I dug into my site metrics β€” yes I know, rabbit hole extraordinaire. :wink: