Following users

The timeline on is made up of posts from people you are following. When someone you’re following posts to their microblog, that post will show up in the timeline for you to see and reply to.

To follow people on, click on their name and then click Follow, or search for their name on the web under Discover → search icon.

You can also follow many people who aren’t on yet. If you know their domain name, Mastodon username, or Tumblr hostname, type that in to the search box. For example:

To follow Mastodon users, you’ll need to enable ActivityPub in That will also let Mastodon users follow your microblog. is different than other social networks because we want to embrace the full web, so works great with many blogs and IndieWeb-compatible sites.

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Just a heads up, I am coming across links (such as the ActivityPub link above), that didn’t survive the transition. Thought y’all would want to know if you didn’t already.

Thanks @Moondeer, I just fixed that link. I’m sure there are others and I’ll be working through to fix them as we notice them. (There are some broken images that need to be re-uploaded too.)

Love how well following works using the search via domain feature. And browsing that via Sunlit is a cherry on the top. I noticed though that the search doesn’t work for “” and only works for “”. I think this should be fixed because people tend to copy-paste the URL, and won’t bother, or remember, to only enter the domain name.

Good point, I can update it to support including “http” too.

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