First steps

So you’ve created an account on Thanks! We’re glad to have you. Here are the steps to take next.

First, create a new microblog or tell about your existing blog:

  • If you don’t have an existing blog, consider letting host it for you by choosing “Plans” → “New Microblog”. You’ll get everything you need: a new blog, posting from the web or iPhone, photo hosting, and the ability to map a personal domain name to your blog.
  • If you already have a blog, such as one based on WordPress, connect it to by adding the feed URL to your account under Account → “Edit Feeds”. Now all your blog posts will appear under your profile and in the timeline of friends who are following you.

Second, verify that you are the author of your microblog:

  • If you have a blog, this is handled for you automatically. Otherwise you can follow these instructions.

Next, follow other users:

  • You can find users in the Discover section. It’s a selection of some of the latest posts on
  • Be sure to add your own “about me” text under Account in on the web.

Finally, get the iPhone app:

  • includes an iOS app to make posting on-the-go easier. The app is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. You can download it on the App Store.
  • The iPhone app can post to blogs, WordPress blogs, and microblogs that support the Micropub API. To post to an external blog, tap Settings and select “WordPress or compatible weblog”.

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