Edit Post on blog

Is it possible to have an Edit Post link on your blog when you are signed in to Micro.blog in a browser, similar to how it is in WordPress?

Currently, I’ve to search for the post under Micro.blog > Posts > Edit Post.

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I’ve been wanting this on micro.blog since the dawn of my time here. It’s really the little things like these that make all the difference to making micro.blog easy to use for people at large IMO.

I had an idea for a plug-in to add features like this a while back. I stumbled upon a roadblock, though, during the research phase.

For such a plug-in to exist, third-party developers must be able to look up a post’s unique identifier. And that’s not possible right now. At least not in a reasonable way.

Should @manton make the post identifiers (and the blog identifier) available as Hugo parameters, such a plug-in could be created relatively easily.

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@manton @pratik Not a technical person but I’d much prefer having the edit button as a baked in feature of micro.blog from the perspective of people at large using the platform. Resorting to plugins to everything weakens what a new hosted blog on micro.blog is capable of doing on its own.

I think what @sod meant was that certain Hugo parameters are not made available in Micro.blog. If they are then the theme authors could make it part of their design. The plugin would help to make it available even in themes where it’s not hard-coded.


Adding the post ID to the Hugo parameters is definitely something we can do. For the edit feature, I’ve thought about a kind of floating toolbar similar to how WordPress.com works, but personally haven’t needed it. Good to know there’s interest in it.

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Turns out this is possible after all, like this: https://micro.blog/micropub?q=source&url=https%3A%2F%2Fyourblog.example.com%2F2022%2F01%2F24%2F080910.html.