ℹ️ Custom domain names

If you host your blog on Micro.blog, we recommend using a custom domain name. This could be yourdomain.com or a subdomain like micro.yourdomain.com. Mapping a custom domain to Micro.blog is included free, as long as you already have your domain registered.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, Micro.blog can handle registering the domain for you. Click on Account → Get a Domain Name. We’ll configure the domain automatically to work with Micro.blog.

To get started with an existing domain name, update your DNS records to point to Micro.blog. Instructions for this will vary depending on your domain registrar, but all registrars will support 2 standard record types: “A” and “CNAME”.

A record → “”

CNAME record (“www” or “micro”) → “username.micro.blog”

More details:

  • If you want to use a subdomain such as micro.yourdomain.com or www.yourdomain.com, create a “CNAME” record wherever your domain is registered and use the value “username.micro.blog” (replacing “username” with your own username).
  • If you want to use a root domain such as yourdomain.com, create an “A” record wherever your domain is registered and use the IP address value: “”.
  • If you want both the root domain and www.yourdomain.com to work, you’ll need both an “A” record for the root domain and a “CNAME” record for the “www” version. You can enter either “yourdomain.com” or “www.yourdomain.com” in the Design page settings in Micro.blog.

(Micro.blog will support both the root domain and “www” either way, but what you enter will determine what Micro.blog redirects to if the other domain name is visited. So if you want the root domain without the “www” to be what people see, enter that in the Design page. Micro.blog will then redirect “www” to the root domain.)

After you’ve updated your DNS records, click on Posts → Design in Micro.blog on the web, then scroll down to the custom domain name field. Fill in the hostname (e.g. microblog.yourdomain.com) that you’d like to use for your site.

HTTPS will be enabled automatically for any custom domain.

If you need to register a new domain name, we also offer domain name registration on Micro.blog.

Changing your Domain

As well as adding a custom domain from username.micro.blog to yourdomain.com, you can change to yourotherdomain.com in the future. When adding a custom domain for the first time, or changing to a new one, it may take a few minutes for photos and links to be updated to the new domain.

If you’re using the fediverse support in Micro.blog, after changing your domain name you will need to reset the fediverse username. This effectively “deletes” your account profile from Mastodon servers. Anyone following your Micro.blog account on Mastodon will need to re-follow you.