Cross-posting to Twitter, Medium, Mastodon, and more

FYI cross-posters:

Twitter are trying to neuter 3rd party posting. Not only do algo’s already slam (as @chrisaldrich has shown), they now include a source references, at least on web UI e.g.:

Clicking on it takes you to Twitter FAQ which explains:

If they’re going to expose 3rd party posting (making it look less authentic), they should at least have the courtesy to link to the platform rather than to their own FAQ page!

Anyway, thought y’all should know.

Haven’t they always included the client reference - it used to link to an address provided when you registered to use the API, but it’s always been there even if various clients made it more / less prominent.

I deliberately used Tweetdeck for a while because that’s always shown it and I was interested in who was using which tools.

There have been client references on Twitter for over a decade. It’s one of the early ways third-party clients took off, honestly. I actually prefer them exposing this data.

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Do you have a link to the article Chris wrote, I’d be interested in reading that. How bad does the algorithm slam these third party cross posts?

Did something change recently with the way posts are punted over to Twitter/Mastodon?

This titleless post came in from my blog via RSS: There was an 3.9-magnitude earthquake about 40km from Montreal just after 7am... — Angelo Stavrow [dot] Blog

When cross-posted to Twitter and Mastodon, the link was replaced in-line with the URL; it used to be that these links were just appended to the end of the tweet/toot:

Your mom is killing your chances of going viral on Facebook:

Believe he references previous articles about 3rd party stifing. But it might be outdated now.
I’d love to see a recent quant analysis of this phenomenon across platforms

Only behaviour I’ve ever had on Twitter:

Majority: no link displayed, but og preview card (eg)

Sometimes: link to the end (eg)

I feel like yours is a variant of that latter case where for some reason it replaced the word.
Just spitballing: could it be a bug because earthquake is the first word in the domain??

Is anyone doing anything clever to format their posts for better cross-posting?

I’m not keen on how the Twitter cross-poster puts the link ‘in-line’ (I’d like it on a separate line) and I’d also like to link back to my MB post even when it’s <280 chars. Advice appreciated :pray:

We are powerless before @manton’s cross-posting machine ATM. Not really anything that I know that can be done to tune the way things are generated.

I would love the addition of cross-posting syntax that would be parsed for platform specific options. This would take a whole lot of work so it’s more of a wish list priority.

That being said. Having Twitter/Open Graph cards configured can make a huge difference, especially when the post contains an image.

Some platforms actually show the summary text, never seen a Twitter card with summary text in the wild though.

agreed this would be great!

I definitely agree with that… Have a Medium account, but that’s more because there are people who insist on posting to Medium instead of to their own web site, so I’m stuck with it.

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@manton Cross-posting from my second blog ( to Twitter still doesn’t work. I’ve reconnected it multiple times, but still no results. Please help.

i have the same problem :confused:

Unfortunately 2 problems to report @manton

  1. Medium:
    Whilst I was pleasantly surprised articles actually starting cross-posting there, unfortunately this is what they look like:

I’ve obviously deleted them all.
I retained one Unlisted for you to investigate: Turning off iCloud Photos for #privacy? How-to and alternatives: #Dropbox + #E2EE storage: #Cryptomator & #ProtonDrive | #ApplePrivacyLetter #tech | by Laurence Warner | Aug, 2021 | Medium.

Not sure if there’s been a change on HTML formatting on their end (perhaps to do with the fact pages can have custom designs now, like my dark mode?).
Although this seems doubtful because it still looks like this on the old Edit view:

Unsurprisingly the stories had no fans:

They are frankly unreadable.

My articles feeds → LinkedIn & Medium: stopped cross-posting entirely to either of those 2 3 weeks ago:

So they missed out on my posts about Micro.Camp.
Hearteningly, unlike some of these ^ unlucky folks the same RSS feed still cross-posted to Twitter consistently - which is the most important:

Interestingly, Mastodon has had some miss but some come through.

To conclude, I guess at least for Medium it was a blessing in disguise that it stopped!!
But I hope we can work towards have cross-posting that can be relied upon to go out in a decent format!

This feature hasn’t worked for me since I signed up to the service. Anyone else having issues here?

When I try to connect to Twitter the Oauth callback fails with the following unhelpful message.

Error while processing the request. Please try again or email Check the news blog for updates.

Any other ways I can cross post to Twitter?

Yeah, since resubscribing, cross-posting does not work for me with Twitter or Mastodon. I’ve tried feed.xml and feed.json and feed.rss, all to no avail. Sigh.

Well, it did work, quite a few times, earlier today, but again now seems inoperative.

Jumping in to say that my Twitter crossposting has broken today as well … is there a larger issue or is it just a Josh issue?

I can confirm that this broke in some cases when I added the “instant” publishing to the timeline. Apologies. Should have it fixed today.

hopefully it’s a case of 1 step forward 2 steps back if the cross-posting becomes instant too!