Can the blog be made visible with the blank-page plug-in?

I really like the blank page plug-in but I’d like my blog to still be visible as well, on an alternate page. Tonight I tested making pages called “Blog” or “Posts”, hoping maybe they’d automatically populate like “Archives” does, but it didn’t work. If I install that plug-in the posts seem to just disappear. Is there any way to have the modified main page and have a menu item for “Blog” that goes to posts?

Can you link to the plug in you mean? I don’t see that plug in searching for it to see what it does to understand your question better.

Sure, it’s this one: Custom home page

You’ll want to make a custom template called layouts/blog/list.html. Then you can make a page in your custom theme by making a file named content/ For that file, just put in:

title: Archive
description: Blog posts
type: blog

I am pretty sure if the list.html template is blank, it’ll just fall back and use layouts/_default/list.html which is the same as your archive page. If not, you may want to paste that template into the layouts/blog/list.html template.

Lastly, on your main page, you can now link to /blog and that will use the template above.

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I had the same issue using the Custom Home Page plug in. I ended up creating category pages for long and short posts and adding them to the nav. Not exactly what you were asking for, but I wrote up my solution and figured I share if it’s helpful. Bob Wertz - Easy Category Pages in Navigation on Micro.Blog

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Thanks so much @jsonbecker for the reply! :slight_smile: I haven’t tried it yet, life has been busy and I haven’t sat down to play around, but I so appreciate the response.

Thanks also @bobwertz for the categories-nav idea, I like that just as a way to separate longer and shorter posts, I might try that!

Hi @jsonbecker I was hoping it would be okay to ask you about your comment from March about how to make a Blog page?

I went ahead and created layouts/blog/list.html and content/ using the “create a template” function, and I did end up copying and pasting the title/description/type into both files since just having it the first file (the list.html) didn’t work).

If I go to's blog - Archive), it doesn’t seem to be working - but I’m not confident with Hugo and I’m not really sure if I followed your instructions correctly. If you have the time, would you mind looking this over and telling me if what I did matches what you said? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You may need to make it layouts/blog/single.html instead of list in order to use the Markdown file hack that I used versus how I’d do this in raw Hugo.

Hey Bob I wanted to thank you - I have used your solution for my blog and I really like it! Thanks so much for writing out the instructions.