Anyone experiencing slow sites?

Is anyone else experiencing some slowness with sites loading? I am noticing this over the last couple of days. Not just my site, but other Micro.bloggers - going by sites with designs. The timeline has been fine.

I am comparing this against my general internet browsing. sites have been sluggish, with the loading bar crawling across the top of my browser and photos loading slowly.

I haven’t observed that generally. Even for your site, it loaded pretty quickly. Do you see it very often?

Thank you for sharing your experience Amit…and confirming that my site is chugging along just fine from your experience.

Yes, I am experiencing without exception on all sites that I visit. Everything else is loading fine.

Yes, things have been really slow the past few days. It seems to be an issue with images and Manton is looking into it.

Thank you for the update, Robert. I was beginning to wonder whether I had to investigate my internet connection!

Yep. Much slower than usual. Hoping this gets fixed soon:)

I’ve been looking into this. I suspect it might be a networking issue of some kind at our hosting provider because load on our servers hasn’t changed recently. Thanks for your patience!

I’ve confirmed with our hosting provider that this is a networking issue that they are looking into. Hopefully will be back to normal soon.

Thank you for working on this Manton.

Another update: this is apparently a significant routing problem. It’s not affecting all people the same way, depending on where you are on the internet. Totally outside my control, unfortunately.

I am seeing an increase in loading speed to my site this morning. I’ll monitor it.

My site (relatively new 5-6 days) but its terribly slow. In fact, I came to just check if this was only my site or others are also having this issue.

This seems to have been resolved for me in the past day or so. No issues.

I am still facing the same problem. In fact, my replies and photos are not loading at all. Also, had trouble posting using MacOS app

The issue has been resolved and everything is fast for me again, including your blog @sks. Still seeing an issue?

@manton My site has been super slow today - any reason I should be aware of ?

I’m not aware of any issues. Just checked your site and it looks very fast to me.