What do you see us putting in the theme.toml?

Hello @manton,

I was on github and saw that you had a pull request for a theme that I was looking at.

Is this so that end users will be using the config.json and we keep the theme.toml around to put what we as developers would like to have a properties?

Kind regards!

No, you can keep using config.json in plug-ins. If the user has their own config.json, Micro.blog will merge it together with the theme’s config. They shouldn’t overwrite each other.

The main reason to have theme.toml is that Micro.blog now uses it to know that a plug-in is a full theme that has all the templates it needs, rather than a smaller plug-in that changes a few things in an existing theme. Micro.blog only checks if theme.toml exists; it doesn’t care what’s in it currently. The reason I chose to look for theme.toml is because many off-the-shelf Hugo themes have that file already.

Thank you!