Understanding spacing on the feed

So I’m working on a Spotify/Apple Music shortcode so I can auto-post nicely from my phone in a semi-automated manner. The embed player isn’t going to show in the micro.blog feed, so I’ve got a string with “artist - song” in it instead. For some reason, I can’t get this to sit on a different line to the following paragraph. I’m likely being very stupid here.

It’s spaced in the full post content:

<!-- Wet Leg - Supermarket -->
{{< spotify id="0sJRunSEW5Y5B3smVMUbkW" >}}

🎵 Wet Leg - Supermarket

Been listening to Wet Leg _very_ heavily since the release of this self-titled album. I find it's rare that I get so obsessed with an entire album, but I have been unable to put this one down. Caught them live at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and loved every second of it. What a year they've had.

But this just leaves me with one big old line of text in the feed:

Is there some markdown formatting I can do to put a line break in after the artist/trackname? I guess I could make that the post title…

I should mention everything renders how I would expect on the blog:

Bit of playing around and I think I’ll be tempted into using the title field so I just get a summary of the track on the micro.blog feed, with the full song and my comments on it available on my blog pages.

What you’re seeing with the text altogether and a link back to your blog is what Micro.blog does in the timeline when the post text is over 280 characters. When that happens, Micro.blog truncates the post and the formatting is lost. I’d like to find a good way to preserve the formatting in that case, but don’t have a solution for that yet.