Timeline JSON Feed with Full Posts

Right now when you subscribe to the JSON feeds, long articles only show the title with a link to the full post. When viewed in an RSS reader you have to go to the browser or internal web view to actually read the post. This isn’t the best experience.

It would great if we could add a query parameter like ?format=full to the feeds get full articles when available.

Unfortunately, I lack the power to grant your wish. :blush: Just wanted to share that some feed readers can fetch an article’s full content for you to avoid opening a web view or external browser. For example, in NetNewsWire it’s called Web View.

P.S. I have a feeling you’re already aware of this future. :wink: But others might not be, so I keep this tip here.

It is called Reader View and I really had that one coming. I guess I was a little too close to the solution to see it. Thank you for slapping me in the back of the head in the nicest possible way. :grinning:

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Haha, my memory must be short. :sweat_smile: How I forgot the name between copying the URL to the docs and pasting it in my post is beyond me.

So to give a little more background on this, Micro.blog stores the timeline data separately from the full blog posts, and it doesn’t actually keep the full text of the blog posts (unless it’s hosted on Micro.blog). To really make this feature work I would need to store more data from external blogs than I currently am. Definitely doable.

I don’t need it and as @sod pointed out, there is already a perfectly good solution already available.