Time to Export

I requested an export of my blog nearly 24 hours ago, and it says I’ll receive an email when it’s ready. Nothing so far. What’s the average wait time? I’ve tried different types of export but nothing yet.

In the past, my exports have arrived within a minute or two. This feels like a bug.

This is for the photo blog with 1,500+ photo posts. Would that be an issue? I’ve tagged Help on Micro.blog but no reply yet.

It is very likely a file size issue. We store the exports as a .zip file on Amazon’s S3, and there is a limit for how big the files can be on S3. It will take some retooling on our side to work around it.

I should’ve added: if you use Micro.blog for Mac, that has a separate export feature that saves directly to your computer. That doesn’t have the limitation.

I can’t see my other blog under the same account on the Mac app, so when I try exporting, it does it for the main blog.

The last selected blog in the New Post window will be the one exported. So if you want to export your other blog, navigate to File → New Post and choose the blog you want to export. Close the window and then do the export.

Ah! Yes. I should’ve remembered that. Exporting now. Thanks!

I said that too soon. My photo blog was mapped to a subdomain. I have already redirected that subdomain to my other photo site. The export from the Mac app stalled for a long time. I’m now trying to remove the subdomain from Micro.blog (Micro.blog > Design > Domain). But when I remove it and hit update Update Blog Settings, it keeps trying to save (10 mins and counting now), but nothing happens :thinking:. Also, I’ve checked the box for Use content delivery network for images, so wondering if that is also messing things up @manton

Send me a quick email to help@micro.blog. I’m pretty sure this is because it tries to update a bunch of things when you click “Update” and it’s taking too long, so I can manually update it. We’ve run into this with a few other people with a large number of posts.

Done :slight_smile: Thanks.

For other folks running into this issue of saving your blog settings when changing the domain name, I’m fixing bugs with this so that it will no longer time out. I’ll roll out the change today and it should work much better.

Exporting very large archives is still best handled by the Mac app, though, until we work around the S3 storage limits.

Thanks, @manton, for helping me with this. The export now worked with the Mac app.