Theme -plug-in or design?

I notice we now have themes as plug-ins but they also remain as designs.

What is best practise?

What is the difference?

We’re going to move all the existing themes into plug-ins so that it’s easier to manage and scale to lots of themes contributed by people in the community.

Based on this post, I’m guessing the old way of doing themes will be deprecated and eventually disappear. Plug-ins are the future! :blush:

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Yep, what @sod said. The old Design screen was difficult to update and eventually we’ll have too many themes to fit there. I plan to update the Design screen to simplify it and make it just an easy way to install some of the more popular theme plug-ins.

The other benefit of theme plug-ins is that it gives the blogger control over when to update to a new version of a theme. And they’re all on GitHub so anyone can contribute changes and it’s easy for us to bring them into

Brilliant, love these changes.

It’s exciting to see all the activity going on around at the moment.