Theme Customization

So my theme couldn’t actually be used by others and it isn’t documented it’s mildly documented; but, since it is public I thought I would offer it up for would be tinkerers to get an idea of the kinds of things you can do. I took manton’s marfa theme, customized it, and just to get it in one repository I also absorbed the category cloud, glightbox, and plausible plugins. It also has a customized combination of the twitter cards plugin mixed with the Hugo open graph source I found. There is also a page excluded from the navigation menu that I use to toggle exclusion of my visits from plausible analytics in various browsers, even on iOS (such as Safari, Gluon, Tumblr, Telegram, or anywhere else an identifiable browser is loaded).


The result lives here

Comparing it to manton’s repository you’ll see where I have tinkered.


* and I still need to DRY out the CSS files.
** and technically I am still copy/pasting so not guaranteed to be free of errors.

Update: and moving my open graph card stuff around totally broke something (gonna fix it in the morning with some fresh Adderall).

Another update: Nevermind. Step one, make sure you remembered to include your partial. Step two, when that doesn’t work, make sure you also remembered to feed that little dot to the partial.

Side note: thought I would link the site I found for card validation since disavowing all things Twitter and Facebook cuts off your access to their tools.

Last update: I totally could document the modifications (and why they were made) since I have nothing better to do … someone would just need to let me know that such a thing would be of interest.

Okay, I lied: thought it might be worth mentioning that not knowing anything about Hugo or the Go language should not intimidate folks. I had never heard of Hugo and I have still not compiled a lick of Go code. Hugo seems to be a solid templating/content management system that reminds me more of shell scripting than anything else (probably the devolution of function names back to stuff I can’t remember like ne, gt, etc.).